Van den Berg Pluim-Vee:
Flexible trading partner for poultry for slaughter

Van den Berg Pluim-Vee is a trading company dealing in poultry for slaughter. We match the supply from poultry farmers to the demand from slaughterhouses. Our extensive European network means that we can trade any quantity and type of poultry for slaughter at any time. At good prices!

Reliable link in the chain
Van den Berg Pluim-Vee is a reliable link in the production chain. We buy up poultry for slaughter and arrange the shipping of the birds to the slaughterhouse using our own trucks. Our customers therefore have one point of contact, which saves time and expense.

As commercially-minded as you are
You expect suppliers to deliver every order on time. Van den Berg Pluim-Vee is as commercially-minded as you are and keeps its promises in full. Quality and service are very important to us, and this is reflected in practice in our employees’ commitment. They go the extra mile in providing service, and have a very flexible attitude.

Our products
Van den Berg Pluim-Vee operates right across the poultry sector. This makes us multifaceted and means that we trade in all types of poultry for slaughter. Because we operate on a European scale, we can essentially tackle any order, regardless of whether it involves:

  • Parent Layer hens
  • Roosters
  • Layer hens
  • Broilers

Our company takes account of the environment and animal welfare: we transport poultry in accordance with the current laws and regulations. So there is sufficient ventilation during transportation, for example.

More information
If you would like more information about working with Van den Berg Pluim-Vee, please contact one of our staff on +31 (0)318 482601.

Van den Berg Pluim-Vee
De Molenpol 23
6741 ZN Lunteren
The Netherlands
T +31 (0) 318 - 482601
F +31 (0) 318 - 485729

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